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Welcome to NiFTyGet

Where Fashion Meets Sustainability

Customer Portal

For customers who have bought an item with an attached NFT, please visit the NiFTyGet Store or to your brands white-label platform to register or trade your item. 

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Brands & Re-Sellers

We're partnering with new brands all the time, if you're interested in our product authentication service, please get in touch! We're making the World a little bit greener by extending the life of great products, through NFT & Blockchain Technology proving ownership and authenticity, we're enabling brands to increase product circularity.

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A little about us

We were founded on the premise that brands aren't supporting their secondary markets effectively. We can enable brands to grow this revenue channel with minimal and sleek integration. We focus on counterfeits, proving authenticity and ownership, both consumers and brands can benefit, and very importantly the planet wins too! Let's work together to increase product life and circularity, making the planet greener. We're using our knowledge of the fashion industry, some great tech and a real desire to make a change to tie everything together. 

NiFTyGet News


We have been accepted onto the University of Warwick DeepTech Innovation Programme.


We have been accepted onto the prestigious Yard[Hub] Web3 Growth Camp! 



NiFTyGet, Where Fashion Meets Sustainability



I bought a Louis Vuitton bag on the secondary market. When that bag got a defect and I brought it to the local Louis Vuitton store for assessment, it turned out it was a counterfeit.



I came across some attractive Dior sneakers on the secondary market at an appealing price, but I wouldn't consider purchasing them due to the uncertainty about their authenticity.



I have a high-end sneakers shop in Ibiza without any online presence. I've heard about the Blockchain technology from my customers. I wanted to know if I can utilise any Blockchain related technology to boost my sales and online presence. 

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